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Can you deploy, monitor, or change your application with one step?

Most application development lifecycles do not implement a continuous integration and continuous delivery process (CI/CD). The ability to deploy, monitor, or change your application with one step is often the most challenging part of the CI/CD process. Another important part of CI/CD is summarizing configuration items for your application in one file. So, an application […]

LeadersNest™ Announces the 2018 FedFem Awards Winners

37 Government Contracting Leaders to be Honored in LeadersNest’s FedFem Program Washington, D.C. (October 16, 2018) — LeadersNest is pleased to announce the 2018 FedFem Award Winners. The FedFem awards salute high-impact women-owned businesses (WOBs) and executives of the government contracting (govcon) industry. This is one of the most complex and competitive business sectors in […]

Artificial General Intelligence Breakthroughs To Watch Out For In 2018

Written by:  Terence Mills, CEO of and Moonshot Featured in: Forbes Featured:            As our society’s technological progress marches forward, we’ve become ever more fascinated with the concept of artificial general intelligence (AGI). From IBM’s Jeopardy-playing computer, Watson to television programs like Westworld, we’ve collectively begun exploring and philosophizing about the potential of […]

Cybersecurity Starts in the Boardroom

Written by: Eric Hal Schwartz, WordSmith at EHS, LLC Produced by: LeadersNest™ Photography by: Michael Conan Wolcott Featured:           No company board can afford to ignore cybersecurity. The answer to the question of how to achieve digital security is far from definitively answered, but, at a roundtable of CEOs and CTOs at Iron […]

The Best Cities For Jobs 2018

Among America’s largest metropolitan areas, the economic leaders come in two flavors: Southern-fried and West Coast organic. The first group flourishes across a broad range of industries, fed by strong domestic in-migration and a friendly business climate. The other is driven largely by technology and high-end business services clustered around expensive but highly desirable urban […]